More bike lanes, closer and better connected.

    2 Jan, 2021 I Category: CITY

    Barcelona is changing the paradigm of mobility and is moving towards a healthier, more sustainable,[…]

    Temporary extension of sidewalks with the ZICLA’s Vectorial® system.

    21 Aug, 2020 I Category: CITY

    In the old neighborhoods of many cities the sidewalks are very narrow, and their extension[…]

    Barcelona City Council renews the bike lane in Plaza Tetuán and installs Zebra® | Zero separators.

    11 Jul, 2020 I Category: CITY

    The bike lane of Plaza de Tetuán was built in 2013 and serves the crossing[…]

    The Vectorial® system helps improve streetcar accessibility: the example of the city of Toronto.

    6 Jun, 2020 I Category: CITY

    The city of Toronto has opted for the Vectorial® system to solve the conflict between[…]

    ZICLA provides a quick response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

    1 Jun, 2020 I Category: OPINION, CITY

    The health crisis caused by COVID-19 is forcing administrations around the world to make drastic[…]

    Tips for riding a bike in the city.

    7 Mar, 2020 I Category: CITY

    With many cities going green and striving to minimise pollution and congestion, riding your bike[…] | T. +34 932 242 731. C/ Ramon Turró 100-104, 4º-3ª. 08005, Barcelona