Average speed on bike in the city

The private cars are still the first way of transportation the inhabitant of the cities trust on when commuting, and all of us are really concerned about how we can improve the security of driving that is why a lot of rules and measures have been established, one of the most important issues that it is continuously being regulated is the speed limit a car driver must respect for the security of everybody on the road. It has been claimed that a correct speed can avoid lot of accidents on the streets.

You will be thinking what am I doing talking about the speed limit of the car drivers if this article is supposed to talk about the average speed on bikes. The thing is that despite the trends of commuting is changing from private cars to public transportation or even bicycles; there are still some things that remain unclear for the people willing to use their bikes for moving across the city.

In the same way that it is important to regulate the speed of the cars, it is also to establish some speed rules for the bicycle and make them known among the riders, in order to improve the security of all the road users, in the same way that it is done with motor vehicles.

The recommended bicycle speed


The recommended bicycle speed for the daily commuters is between 20 to 30 km/hrs. The thing is that this speed varies depending on the conditions of the cyclist as well as the condition of the road that the commuter is using. Not every bicyclist is able to ride in this speed and not every road has the conditions to ride respecting these limits, for some roads it is too much while for others can be to slow.

For example, a rider that is obliged to ride on a standard road without any protection for the bicyclist and he or she rides too slowly in can be perceived as a danger for the rest of the users of the road. Or for example, if there is a non-protected bike lane on the pavement riding between 20 to 30km/hrs is dangerous too for the cyclist and for the pedestrians.

So, it can be said that this recommended speed is the appropriate one for the commuters using protected bike lanes that the city hall is constructing on the last years due to the increasing use of the bike.

Those protected bike lanes are facilities that improve the mobility of the city creating shared roads for the different methods of transportation that can be used nowadays. Having these lanes makes easier to establish a speed limit for the bicycle users without the need of taking into account the danger that could suppose this for the rest of the road users.

This way the bicyclist will only have to take care of the rest of cyclist and not the rest of the road users.

So the construction of these lanes will not only improve the security of the bicyclist but also the security of the pedestrians and the drivers of the motored vehicles. And will permit every cyclist to ride their bikes at the speed that they fell more comfortable among the established limits.

To sum up, in can be said that we need to work on the establishment of new rules for the increasing trend of the use of the bicycle as a way of commuting in order to provide favorable and secure conditions for the entire road users.

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